Over the past decade, Guanlan International Print Biennial has been successfully organized for 6 times, which won great support and appreciation from artists across the world. As a cultural brand with international reputation, the Biennial has created a favorable environment for the international communication and the academic exchanges of printmaking around the world. As a permanent exhibition venue, China Printmaking Museum provides a first-class space for the selection and display of the Biennial. We hope that, with the support and participation of artists from all over the world, the 7th China Guanlan International Print Biennial will create more miracles and write a whole new chapter.


Name of Biennial:  The 7th Guanlan International Print Biennial China 2019

Exhibition Venue:  China Printmaking Museum, Guanlan, Shenzhen

Exhibition Time:  Mid May, 2019 -- Mid July, 2019

Number of Exhibited Works:  200-300 pieces

Deadline for Receiving Works:  February 20, 2019


Address for Receiving Works: China Printmaking Museum, No. 125 Yuxin Road, Guanlan Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen 518110, China.

Contacts:   Ms. Lu Ting +86 13684979428 / Mr. Zhao Jiachun +86 13613021365

Telephone: +86-755-32960860,  +86-755-29782520


Regulations for Participants

1. A specialized application website is constructed to openly solicit works from artists around the world. All applicants are required to register online.


2. For international artists, please submit the original pieces of your works created in recent two years. All print techniques are acceptable. Autograph of the author is required on every piece of works, which need not be framed.


3. The size of submitted works shall be smaller than 120*180cm, but larger than 30*30cm. A set of works consisting of more than one print shall not exceed the range, either.


4. The organizer reserve the right to the long term publication of submitted works in media and on the Internet.


5. Works should be packed in sturdy tubes or with thick paper boards, and should arrive on time. Late works will not be accepted. (To avoid customs deduction, please do not declare value, and paste ‘Printed Matter, No Commercial Value’ on the surface of the package. )


6. Artists are responsible for the cost of sending their own works. All the international works will be returned within three months after the conclusion of the Biennial. The organizers will cover the cost of returning works.


7. Some of the devices, three-dimensional objects, digital prints, and over-sized works may not be returned as the situation requires. Artists themselves are free to take responsibility of the delivery and safety of those mentioned above.


8. During the Biennial, the organizers shall be responsible for the safety of the works. In the case of damage caused by force majeure, the organizers shall be free from any liability.


9. The Organizing Committee of the Biennial reserves the final right to the interpretation of all terms of the Biennial.





1. For international applicants, please scroll down the page and click ‘Apply Online’. For applicants from China, please log on


2. When applying online, each international applicant is required to upload images of their submitted works in JPG (no larger than 4M), and fill in the information in accordance with the works.


3. For international artists, original pieces of works should arrive at China Printmaking Museum for preliminary selection before the reception deadline.

4. For Foreign artists with Chinese origin, they should apply in accordance with the procedure of international artists, and send the original works to the Museum; For artists from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, they should apply as artists from the mainland of China, and their original pieces are not required for preliminary selection.


Selection Procedures:

Preliminary Selection: Preliminary selection of the works by the Jury Committee of the Biennial will be in February, 2019.

Final Selection: In March, 2019, the exhibiting works and awarded works will be selected by a final selection board formed by both Chinese and international experts.



The Biennial will issue 15 ‘Guanlan International Print Prize’. The awarded works will be collected by the organizers. Awarded winners will receive a Collection Certificate, an Award Certificate and collection fee of 30,000 RMB. Artists with works selected for exhibition will receive a Participation Certificate, and a big catalogue of works of the Biennial. The Organizing Committee will invite the award winners to participate in the opening ceremony and academic forum, and cover their costs of traveling and accommodation. The Committee welcomes donation of works, and may collect some.



Organizing Committee of
the 7th Guanlan International Print Biennial China 2019